Here’s how much we spent in Penang from 01/10 to 07/10 2016

For our last month in Penang, I wanted to show you how cheap it was to live here (especially when you get familiar with the city). Here’s our first week from October 1st to 7th 2016.

By the way, if it’s your first time reading one of my blog post, here’s a quick heads up:

My boyfriend, Davidson and I, left Paris on June 15th for a 6-month trip in Asia. We had enough savings until September. So yeah, it’s risky but we took the leap anyway.

As I’m writing this, we’re on October 8th and so far we’re not bankrupt yet (thanks to HelpX!). We’re working part time as receptionist in a hostel for free accommodation since August 11th in Penang. So far, we saved close to 1000€ by doing volunteering work.

October 1st

  • 2 portions chicken with rice: 8MYR (2€) we ate at CF food court
  • 1 corn: 2,60MYR (0,65€) one of the stall in front of Sim CityStay
  • 2 pork buns: 4MYR (1€) the same

Total cost: 14,60MYR (3,65€)

October 2nd

  • Noodles offered by the staff
  • 2 pork buns: 4MYR (1€)
  • 2 corns: 5MYR (1,25€)
  • 1 chicken tandoori (7MYR) + 1 cheese nan (4MYR) + 1 mango lassi (4MYR) : 15MYR (3,75€)

Total cost: 24MYR (6€)

October 3rd

  • 2 pork buns: 4MYR (1€)
  • 1 coconut shake: 4,50MYR (1,13€) best coconut shake ever @ Fan Coconut just right next door to Sim CityStay
  • Snacks 3,80MYR (0,95€)
  • Shared dinner with the staff

Total cost: 12,30MYR (3,10€)

October 4th

  • Grocery: 11,40MYR (2,85€) we bought eggs & bread + mango juice  for our breakfast
  • 1 papaya + 4 oranges + 4 apples: 29MYR (7,25€) bought in a stall in Little India
  • Samossa: 2,40MYR (0,60€) the same
  • Peanuts: 2MYR (0,50€) the same
  • Nasi Lemak offered by a guest.

Total cost: 44,80MYR (11,20€)

October 5th

  • Green apple drink: 2,80MYR (0,70€) we wanted to order herbal tea but the waiter didn’t understand it
  • Lunch: 11,50MYR (2,88€) we ate at CF food court
  • 2 Big Mac: 24,90MYR (6,22€) 1st mcdonald of our 6-month trip

Total cost: 39,20MYR (9,80€)

October 6th

  • 2 chicken rice: 8MYR (2€) we ate at CF food court
  • 1 coconut shake: 4,50MYR (1,13€) @Fan Coconut
  • Indian food: 22MYR (5,50€) we ate at Mustafa restoran

Total cost: 34,50MYR (8,63€)

October 7th

  • Coco shake: 4,50MYR (1,13€) @Fan Coconut
  • 2 portions chicken rice: 8MYR (2€) we ate at CF food court
  • Shared dinner with the staff

Total cost: 12,50MYR (3,13€)

Total cost for the week

Total cost: 169,40MYR (42,35€)

Average per day: 24,20MYR (6,05€)

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