How I hitchhiked 2000km in Brazil?

I hitchhiked for 2000km in Brazil. It was one of my craziest adventures in South America and gave me some unique experiences (and even a scar in my leg – funny story :P).

Are you planning to do hitchhiking in Brazil? If yes, here are some quick and useful tips before you start your road trip 🙂

First tip: Go to a gas station

Don’t even think to go on the side of the road! All you’ll get is to get run over by a car.

Second tip: Take off your sunglasses

Before you engage any conversation with anyone, you better take off your sunglasses. People will trust you more like this.

Third tip: Be outgoing and SMILE

Yes people will be more likely to offer you a ride if you’re smiling! So don’t hide your beautiful and shiny smile of yours 🙂

Fourth tip: Check the wheels

Don’t waste your time asking rides to truck drivers if the truck have some of its wheels lifted. That means the truck is not loaded yet and they’re going to stay at the gas station or head home.

Fifth tip: Speak Portuguese

Or have someone who speaks Portuguese with you. Otherwise it would be a hell of a challenge to communicate with truck drivers. Most of them (and actually most of the people in South America) don’t speak english.

I hope these tips will help you to hitchhike in Brazil ^^ If you have more tips, please share them in the comments.


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