People think I’m younger than my age

Back in August 2015 (I was 27!), a guy once told me:

The guy: Hey! How old are you?
Shyrwyn: Well, guess!
The guy: Hum… 16?
Shyrwyn: Really?!

For a long time it has bothered me because people would not take me seriously (thinking that I’m just a kid who doesn’t understand anything about life).


But now, I’m grateful for being younger than my age, because…

  • When I’ll be 50, I’ll look like I’m in my 30s (more or less ^^);
  • I enjoy the surprising look people have when they realize that I’m not a teenager;
  • I don’t need any anti-aging cream;
  • Sometimes I pay half price (ahah ^^).


And actually, people probably think I’m younger than my age, because…

  • I love watching animation movies. My favorite ones are Pixar movies : Wall-e, Up, Inside-out, … that kind of stuffs!;
  • I sleep with teddy bears (but shhh! It’s a secret!);
  • I’m small (but cute!): 1,50m of cuteness ^^;
Checking if I can go to a rollercoaster in Japan, May 2015

Checking if I can go to a rollercoaster in Japan, May 2015

  • I love sweets. I loooove French pastries and all kinds of desserts as long as it is sweet (not too much though (In South America it’s clearly too sweet!));
  • I often speak in onomatopoeia. I’m like a cartoon or a manga character (or a baby);
  • I’m Asian. Yeah that helps a lot actually!;
  • I don’t wear any makeup (or very light);
  • I laugh a lot!;
  • I have naps whenever I can.


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Former IT Project Manager in Paris, Shyrwyn is now traveling around the world. She has traveled to more than 30 countries (and that’s just the start!)

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