People think traveling solo means being alone all the time

Yes, I’m alone on that picture.

Do I look sad? No.

Actually, I was killing some time before going on a 6 hours ride to celebrate NYE in Rio de Janeiro!

Did I know anyone there? No, not at all!

I’ve been traveling for a month and so far the most common thing that people told me is:

You’re so brave Shyrwyn! I couldn’t do half of the things that you already did!

I must admit that traveling alone for the first time ever and in South America made me nervous because…


I was afraid of being alone during all my trip

But you know what?

I’ve never been surrounded by so many amazing people from all around the world.

I’m doing whatever I want and whenever I want.

It feels so good to be free in this world!

You should try it some day 😉 (you might get addicted to it, like me! ^^)

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Former IT Project Manager in Paris, Shyrwyn is now traveling around the world. She has traveled to more than 30 countries (and that’s just the start!)

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